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"Urbduro 2024: What to Expect from This Bigger, Weirder, and Potentially More Confusing Event"


On September 7th of 2024, Urbduro returns.

  • Urbduro is a mysterious all-day urban adventure competition that is performed on a bicycle.

  • The theme for this year's event is "puzzle".

  • One of the secondary prizes will be awarded for Best Themed Costume!

  • The title of this year's Urbduro is Proclamacioñ Misteriosa. We have no further comment on this matter (see point 2 below).

  • This year participants can compete individually or in teams. There is no advantage either way.

  • For those that were in attendance last year - Urbduro 2024 is different in every way than the 2023 edition.

  • Urbduro is $25 for the entry fee this year, and includes a delicious meal at the awards party, during the conclusion of the event (vegan, vegetarian, and GF options will all be provided).

  • Our man Jay Michael, the owner of the mighty Ionic Sound System - is putting the party to the afterparty. There will be bass.


  1. The idea is to first and foremost to have fun on your bike, but also compete to win some stunning prizes from our sponsors!

  2. We keep the event details under tight wraps until the day of the event, because we really like to surprise people.

  3. Community building within the cyclist community is important to us, and we hope that by holding this event we foster growth in our cycling community; by new creating new connections and strengthening existing ones.


  • September 7th, 2024. Noon. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to sign the waiver and stage at the starting location.


  • Meet the Organizers at the site of the old Calgary General Hospital, just west of the Bridgeland Riverside Community Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • Come prepared for spending the afternoon riding your bicycle.


  • By completing the tasks presented in the Urbduro, participants will be positioned to win either the Grand Prize, or one of five (5) seriously nice secondary prizes - four of which are complete rolling bicycles. Please peep the prize roster as listed below:

    • The Grand Prize: A full custom built made-to-measure KRUCH frame and fork combo, in either a gravel bike or mountain bike configuration.

    • Secondary Prize 1: A custom up-cycled retro-clunker bicycle, compliments of Bow Cycle, the folks in lovely Bowness

    • Secondary Prize 2: A custom up-cycled retro-clunker bicycle, compliments of Bike and Brew Bike and Brew of Bridgeland is also our BEER SPONSOR, high five !!

    • Secondary Prize 3: A custom up-cycled retro-clunker bicycle, compliments of BikeBike, located in Inglewood YYC

    • Secondary Prize 4: A custom-up-cycled retro-clunker bicycle, compliments of Bathtub Bikes our buds over on International Avenue

    • Secondary Prize 5: MMBTS fundraiser prize, donated by Inside Line and administered by our friends at the Shred Collective:,

  • Register one of two ways:

    • Shed Collective Members can register on the InstaTeam app (will be live soon).

    • Everyone else can simply Etransfer $25.

    • Once you register and pay, please await further instruction.

  • Rules:

    • You must wear a helmet.

    • Participants must ride a bicycle, ebikes are allowed but we prefer you ride acoustic.

    • You must follow all applicable traffic laws, and pathway laws and speed limits.

    • We will have Marshalls out on course ensuring people follow all local statutes.

    • Slow down, have fun, and realize that athletic fitness and speed give zero advantage to participants of Urbduro 2024.

And a Final Word:

This year's event is going to blow some minds, because we are going all out! However we couldn't do it without all the support from our amazing sponsors that have stepped up to assist with volunteer labour, with ideas to really blow this thing up, and of course prizes. Please check out our amazing partners below, and see you in September!


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