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It's not a race. It's Urbduro.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

On October 15th, 2023, in Calgary Alberta Canada, the first Urbduro - ever - will take place. But what is it anyways? And why should you come out and participate? And can a tropical vine actually ride a bicycle?

Read on to find out...

So what is Urbduro? Well, it is definitely NOT a race, but you will require endurance. And a sense of humour.

The 2023 Urbduro format is as follows:

  • The event consists of 5 mysterious stages.

  • Four of the stages will award points to the top 3 finishers.

  • At the final stage of the event (stage 5) each stage award point is swapped for one entry into the stage point draw.

  • The final stage, stage 5, will be a competition between 8 of the participants.

  • The 8 spots in the final stage are decided as follows:

  1. Winner - Best Costume

  2. Points leader - first 4 stages

  3. Wild Card Random Draw - drawn at Stage 5

  4. Wild Card Random Draw - drawn at Stage 5

  5. Stage point draw

  6. Stage point draw

  7. Stage point draw

  8. Stage point draw

  • The event starts at 1pm on October 15th.

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start, to pick up your participant package and sign the waiver form.

  • Opening your participant package before the ~1PM starting horn will result in immediate disqualification, embarrassment, and lasting shame.

  • Your event package will contain instructions directing you to the location of your first stage.

  • Helmets are mandatory.

  • You will need a smartphone. Obviously everyone has one, just make sure you have it with you and fully charged.

  • All the rules of the roads and pathways, and all local laws, must be respected.

  • All bicycle styles and types are permitted, however e-bikes will be heavily handicapped on the single timed stage.

  • The event is happening rain or shine, please dress accordingly and kindly review the somewhat coarsely worded Cycling Rule #5

  • It is recommended that all participants bring a spare warm layer, there will be occasional waiting around - a warm layer will make this part much more enjoyable.

  • The event's conclusion (Stage 5) occurs at a location where locally made beer and award-winning food is available for purchase, the associated establishment has been booked for the event and will be closed to the public.

  • Participants will likely be pedalling home in low light conditions and/or darkness, please bring lights for your safe post-event return.

  • Course Marshals must be obeyed. Earl "the Pearl" Wegener will be patrolling the course with his band of mobile deputies to ensure compliance.


  • Only one stage is timed, but that stage has a time limit - it is not a time trial.

  • The costume theme for the 2023 event is "potted plant".

  • A road bike would be a poor choice for the Urbduro.

  • At any point during the event, a spot in the "final 8" can be garnered. It ain't over until it's over, hang in there! Heck, two random draws are happening at the final stage!

  • You will definitely want to witness the battle between the "final 8". Trust us on this one.

  • Finally - it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with the portion of the city presented below:


  • The grand prize for the 2023 Urbduro is a gravel bike frame/fork combo from KRUCH High Performance Steel Bicycles - custom sized and in any colour under the sun, valued at $2600.00

  • There are various other prizes, some are quite unusual.

See you there, and good luck.


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