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A Bicycle for Every Surface - "All Country"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

When local MTB influencer Chris Turner came to see me about building an "All Country" #allcountry bicycle, it was time to expand my perceptions...

We sat there one cool Spring evening having beers and talking bikes. Chris explained his vision. 29" x 2.5" knobby rubber. Drop bars. A short 35mm stem. Four "anything cage" mounts. Mounts for a front and rear rack. Dropper post compatibility. Slack geometry conducive to both trail riding and a low BB height for long days in the saddle. Topped off with groovy "glow-in-the-dark" powder coating. It was the really good kind of weird!

A few months later we were both stoked on the final results.

All About the Experience aka The Process

It started with an idea, like it does every time. At first I was pretty sure I would be able to build the frame in a conventional way, but with the larger rubber and the 40T chainring it became apparent a "weld-yoke" was required. The bike became a bit heavier but it also became much, much stronger.

Chris and I must have spoke 50 times throughout the time we worked together on the bike, and fortunately most of the ideas/changes were able to be integrated before the process was complete.

I'm very excited to see how he finishes off the rig, he has ordered a box of PAUL components so I have a feeling it's going to pretty special.


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